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Southern California Yachts

Southern California is in the midst of a radical fishing and boating revolution. While the islands, bays and coastline remain the same, what you can expect from a boat has experienced a radical transformation in the past decade.

Consider the following:

  1. Center console boats are bigger, faster and more system-rich than ever before. Regulator Marine
  2. Sportfishing yachts now top 45 or even 50 knots. Albemarle Boats | Hatteras Yachts
  3. Modern motor yachts now boast the range and capacity to make extended expeditions while being entirely self-sufficient.

Why Buy from Kusler Yachts? We are transforming what you can expect from the yacht brokerage experience. 

Kusler Yachts and its team experts has a finger squarely on the pulse of the modern boating market. The first step in our process involves working with you to determine the type of boat that best suits your vision and application.

Once we decide upon the perfect boat for your situation, our team can source it and get it into your hands.

Guide to West Coast Yacht Ownership

What to Consider When Buying a Yacht to use in Southern California:

While the West Coast has many unique boating and fishing traditions, most boats used here are built on the East Coast. From the Down East style boats from Maine, to Viking in New Jersey to Hatteras and the many custom sportfish builders in North Carolina to the many sportfisher and center console builders in Florida, boat building by and large is an East Coast institution.

Our knowledge of and relationships with the East Coast boating industry is central to Kusler Yachts’ status as the premier brokerage on the West Coast.

It is our stated goal to find the right boat for you, no matter where it is located. Kusler’s process for sourcing and obtaining the perfect boat for your Southern California application can take the following forms.

Kulser Yachts is your source for all things fishing and boating on the West Coast and Mexico. 

How Can Kusler Help You?

  1. Boats Available on the West Coast Market:

    Kusler maintains a solid grasp of the brokerage boats that are located on the West Coast. Our experts can guide you through the landscape of vessels available locally and lead you through the acquisition process.

  2. Is the boat in a transferable LLC?

    With sales tax rates in California ranging from 7-10%, taking advantage of a non-taxable transaction such as an LLC transfer is a huge advantage. Contact a qualified Maritime Attorney for more information.

  3. Sourcing, Purchasing, Modifying and Bringing Your Perfect Boat from Anywhere.

    Kusler’s team of experts maintains an active presence on the East Coast boat market. At any given time, we know what is available on the new, used, custom and production markets for sportfishing yachts, fishing center consoles and motor yachts.Once we locate the boat for you, we can guide you through the survey and acquisition process. After purchase of the vessel, we can recommend (and source installation of) modifications to refit the boat for West Coast applications.

Common West Coast modifications include:

In many cases, it is more cost effective and efficient to source hardware, installation, and technical services on the East Coast. Kusler Yachts maintains an active professional relationship with not just East Coast boatbuilders but with boatyards and technicians who make this happen.

Yacht Transport and Logistics

Once you have purchased and customized your perfect boat, we can handle the logistics of getting your yacht to you. Our experts can handle the logistics of shipping your boat from the East Coast to you in Southern California or Mexico, Costa Rica or Hawaii.

Working with Kusler Yachts gives you access to the world of sportfishing yachts, fishing center consoles and motor yachts – wherever they exist.

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