White Hull – Black Mask – Twin CAT C32A – Twin Onan 21.5KW – Full Tower – Teak Package – Fighting Chair – Furuno Glass Bridge Electronics w/ CH300 – Three Stateroom / Three Head / Satin Interior / LLC Owned

“The first Hatteras Convertible was forged in the crucible of the rough seas and unpredictable, windy conditions found off its namesake North Carolina cape, and that heritage is still very much alive in the rugged fiberglass sportfish we build today.”

Simply put, Hatteras GT Series Convertibles, which range from 54 to 70 feet, can go offshore to hunt big game when many other boats have to stay on the porch. The GT Series boats all designed to max out at over 40 knots and to cruise in the mid-30-knot range, their hull-form allows them to maintain that cruising speed in rougher conditions than competitor’s boats. The time- and tournament-tested Hatteras GT variable degree dead-rise hull begins with knifelike entry for slicing through head seas, then gradually flattens out toward the transom, creating less drag and more lift for exhilarating speed and better fuel economy. Lifting strakes combined with the chine configuration make for a dry ride even in the rough stuff offshore. Hull tunnels, aft, help the GT models back down straight and true, while keeping the cockpit dry. The leading edge of the tunnel is designed to create lift when the boat is backing down.

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