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Finding the Right Boat For You

When considering the right boat for your situation, our expert team will ask you guiding questions to help you make a wise choice.

Important Questions:

  • Where you plan to use the boat?
  • Wow you plan to use it—fishing, cruising?
  • Do you plan to spend the night aboard frequently?
  • Do you plan to hire a captain or crew?
  • How many people do you wish to accommodate on board?

Once we develop a vision for your plan for the boat, we can discuss budget and financial considerations.

Financial Considerations:

  • Purchase price
  • Annual maintenance budget
  • Dockage and crew budgeting
  • Registration fees.

Our goal is not only to determine which vessel is right for you, but to paint a clear picture of the boat ownership options.

Once we have developed a vision of the boat type and budget that best suit your needs, we then recommend vessel options.

Whether it be new or used, custom or production, sportfishing yacht, Downeast, custom Carolina built Sportfish, motor yacht, mega yacht, fishing center console, available on the West Coast or East Coast—our team can source the perfect boat for you.